wedownwan2party art1.jpg

Wedownwan2party (2019 Single)

Assassination’s not allowed, and it’s a losing game. This one was written initially in January 2018 late at night (the first demo was exported at 1:08AM) and quickly became one of my favorites. It’s upbeat, political, and full of deep down Minneapolis scratch.

We don’t want to party, we just wanna get bored.

I Got No Internet Art copy.jpg

I GOT NO INTERNET (2019 Single)

February 2019, this single came down hard with new wave drive and a repetitious chant for a hook. The original demo was bounced at 10:13AM in June 2018, and it was called “RACE” because I thought it sounded like Mario Kart. It was surprisingly complete, including more or less complete mumbly lyrics that persisted until its release 8 months later.

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This Is How It’s Gonna Be (2019 Single)

This single had been floating around for a year before it finally got a proper release in January of 2019. Sort of a sad tune, down to earth, realistic, ultimately sort of happy. You can dance, you can cry— do whatever you like to this one.


Doc of Love (2018 EP)

Doc of Love (2018 EP)

The documentary of love, keeps us alive. A 6 song collection written between March and April of 2018 in Minneapolis, the first release from Frostyn. Album art generated by an album art generator website somewhere. Tunecore I think.

Out now on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, etc.