“A track which runs two conjoined ideas which unify, like strawberries and cream, to create a moreish taster.” __TIM, EMERGINGINDIEBANDS.COM

“The awkward beats, love you as you’d never love before.” __COMEHEREFLOYD


Frostyn is the MPLS dirt mess, synthpop funk sound of a generation that dances when they don’t want to.

Frostyn’s first EP, Doc of Love, snuck out the door in 2018. A quiet, strange and funky prelude to a mood that would come alive in 2019,

with the release of 2 singles: This Is How It’s Gonna Be and I GOT NO INTERNET, both available on streaming platforms now.

The rest of 2019 will be filled with new singles

continuing in April, with WEDOWNWAN2PARTY on April 28th. More info soon.